Homes for Rent in Quezon City: The BEST Neighborhoods

Are you planning to rent a home in Q.C? It is never easy to find a suitable location to rent one. Quezon City is the largest city in Metro Manila based on both its population and land area. It is named after the second president of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon. The city is also home to top colleges like the University of the Philippines Diliman and Ateneo de Manila University.

Quezon City is a whopping 166 square kilometers wide. This area could be quite intimidating. It makes it harder for you to choose a suitable neighborhood to rent your house. Well, look no further as here are the best neighborhoods in Quezon City!

  1. Ayala Heights. Situated at the highest elevations in the city, Ayala Heights has a sight to behold. It is an elite community and is only a short drive away from the University of the Philippines, Ateneo, and Meriam College. This will appeal very well towards students wanting a high-end house near their schools. The place is also near hospitals and commercial districts, making shopping, dining, and medicine at hand’s reach.

Quezon City property for rent

  1. The University of the Philippines main campus is located here in Diliman. Along with UP, a lot of educational institutions has also made Diliman their home, such as Philippine Science High School, Quezon City Science High School, and St. Mary’s College of Quezon City to name a few. The district is highly residential and caters very well to both students and teachers alike. It is also the home base of many government offices and hospitals like the Philippine Heart Center and East Avenue Medical Center.

  1. Home of the Araneta Center, Cubao is primarily a residential and commercial district in QC. It is surrounded by condominiums, schools, transport terminals, and residential and commercial properties. There are also a lot of bus terminals which caters buses from a lot of destinations in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. This makes it an appealing place for people who travels a lot either for work, educational, or familial reasons.

  1. Eastwood City. This area is a home to a lot of information and telecommunication companies in QC. It is an IT cyberpark that is only a short drive away from most of the educational institutions in the city. Several high-rise buildings have been constructed here for business, residential, and commercial use.

Quezon City property for rent

Due to the growing number of call center firms in the district, Eastwood City can be said to be alive both night and day. This has drawn in 24-hour restaurants and a multitude of shops in the area. This area is perfect for anyone in the call center business or any of the more tech-savvy people out there.

These places all have different styles and way of living, but these are the very best the Quezon City has to offer. The city may be large, but what is bigger are the hearts of the people. Don’t miss the chance and rent now. Whether you are a student, a businessman, or an office worker, you will surely enjoy renting a property in in Quezon City in these districts.