Things You Need To Know About Danube Cruise in Budapest

A vacation or trip to the Hungarian capital city will not be considered complete without a cruise along the second longest river in Europe, the remarkable Danube River. It is both a highlight for tourists and the pride of the natives. Here is what you need to know about Danube Cruises in Budapest.

1.     There are two sides to this coin

As you may already know, the Danube flows across 10 European countries, and the part that flows through Budapest divides the city into two – western and eastern sides. Your experience cruising along the river’s western stretch will be different from the eastern stretch. The former is more picturesque, recommended for first-timers while the latter is a bit more rugged but also beautiful in a historically rich way.

2.     There are several packages

As the pride of central Europe, the Danube attracts a lot of tourists, and that makes it a good business for travel agencies and vacation planners who organize a decent cruise. You can choose based on your budget, your occasion, and the number of days you want to spend on the cruise. If you are vacationing with the love of your life, we recommend going with one that’s cruising from Budapest to Nuremberg.

danube cruise budapest

3.     Centers of attractions can be crowded

The beauty of Europe attracts millions of tourists every year, and since everyone wants to make the most of their travels, the prime places will attract a lot more people like you. If you are cruising the Danube during summer, it is better to prepare yourself for the worst, in terms of crowd expectations. Although some river cruise lines offer tours that may help cut the line, that might be a bit expensive.

4.     Pack casual and pack light

This is as true for a voyage on the Danube as it is for other River cruises, always pack light and stick to casual wear. Comfort should be at the top of your considerations when packing since the cruises are always more hands-on and less flamboyant than Ocean cruises. Even dinners aren’t as formal as you would expect in Ocean voyages. So you can still go with your casual wears, or throw on a dress or a collared shirt, whatever you prefer.

You may be comfortable in heels, but also pack walking shoes because you would be going on lots of walking tours, and many of the activities can get a lot more tiring in heels.

5.     Another ship will tie up next to yours

If you are new to River cruises or used to cruising on the Ocean, know this now – other ships will be moored next to yours on a Danube cruise. While this is not exactly uncommon for River cruises, it is a lot more rampant on the Danube.

All in all, following the things mentioned above, will make you in a better place during your voyage. However, one takeaway is that no matter which section you choose to explore, a cruise along the Danube is a trip of a lifetime, and you will surely want to do it again.